Structural Integration: a fascial approach to balancing musculoskeletal alignment that is conducted in a set number of sessions or ‘series’ (usually 12). The adaptability of the body is organised by the soft tissue or the myofascia. All of our muscles, organs, nerves and blood vessels are ensheathed in connective tissue.

When it is healthy it is pliable and elastic and is integral in movement and stability.
Forces applied then the whole system redistributes the tension/strain in adaptation to maintain stability.

When imbalance, or misalignment exists, the body must make compensations to keep itself upright and to allow movement. Where our body compensates is in the soft tissue, specifically in the myofascial system (because its connections accommodate and transmit force). The aim of KMI Structural Integration is to unwind the connective tissue web, with each session building on the one before. As the sessions progress, the body unravels its stresses and compensations, allowing more efficient and graceful movement, alignment and balance. Please go to the page Structural Integration for more information about this therapy.

There are two treatment options available

The 12 Series

It is allows for the comprehensive treatment of the whole body and its patterns:

  • Sessions 1-4: Superficial myofascial sleeve.
  • Sessions 5-8: Deep Core layers.
  • Sessions 9-12: Balance of pelvic and shoulder girdles and spine and integration of the sleeve and core.

800 DKK/Session

The 3 Series

This work is a more general treatment of the body:

  • Session one – Balance the pelvic girdle, hips, feet and legs.
  • Session two – Concentrates on balancing the shoulder girdle over the ribcage and the ribcage over the pelvis.
  • Session three – Concentrates on the head, neck and spine.

650 DKK/Session

Integrative Bodywork is a deep tissue and myofascial therapy that also uses manipulations and neuromuscular stretching. It focuses on assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions and aid in the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and pain. It is ideal for those with local problems, who do not currently have the commitment required for a Structural Integration Series.

Designed to improve ease of movement, flexibility and postural alignment, Integrative Bodywork utilises slow, deep neuromuscular techniques to release restricted layers of myofascial tissue. Combined with stretching and joint mobilisation, it is able to mobilise tissue, muscles and the joints, promoting greater flexibility, functional performance, structural alignment and self-awareness. It opens the body and the breath. It relieves pain and provides greater ease of movement. The main techniques are slow, deep, myofascial spreading and releasing using movement and breathe to resolve stuck areas in the fascia, ‘unlock’ postural habits and allow your body to realign more efficiently. A session is an active partnership between the practitioner and the client and is focused on problem-solving and client education.

Integrative Bodywork

1 Hour 550 DKK

45 Minutes 450 DKK

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